Rob and Kristen's Full Interview with 'The Hot Hits' - BD Promo

The edited version of these interviews were posted here last November. Now, here are the full interviews.

Kristen talks about Bella's physical transformation, her dummy, the wedding dress, and how she felt during the wedding "I was being very strange that day anyway. I was in an odd mood. I was able to shake all of my nerves  which I'm never able to do, and I was just sort of like really taking everything in..." They also talked about  the strange titles in the Cullens' book collection (lol) and how it didn't have "What to Expect When You're Expecting".

Rob talked about Cesarean by mouth, blood and gore, and filming a PG13 sex scene. About Bella's wedding dress "It's a beautiful, beautiful dress", he also mentioned that Kristen fought for something more of her taste.
Rob also talks on how 300-year old vampire geniuses just use Google images to research 'vampire baby'. lol Actually Rob,  Edward Yahood it! lol

videoezy via Gossip_dance