RobSten FanVid: RobSten Future - Newmans and Rob/Kristen

By the amazing Libenet . I have tears, happy, sappy tears. OMG! This is so crazy effing fantastic, a materpiece! Thanks Lib!

Libenet "Half way through the vid's making, I realized that the Newman/Woodward fans could very possibly be insulted by the comparison. Robsten just met 4 years ago. Nothing, actually, compared to the 50 years of "tilI-death-do-us-apart" Newmans' marriage. I guess, for us, it's like comparing Robsten to one of Paris Hilton's relationships. It just sounds insulting. I know.
But I mean no offense at all. To anyone. Especially not to such an amazing legendary couple. I didn't make this vid just for the sake of making it. It's because I really do believe that this relationship (Rob and Kris) can go far. Very far. And I can really see many similarities with the Newmans.

So please, just think about it this way: for me, the R/K relationship is a young plant that is growing in the same fertile and solid ground from which the Newman/Woodward oak grew so old. And I like the idea that it's an excellent omen to the young couple I admire the most.

- This vid was so exhausting, I actually wanted to give up, at some point. Never happened to me before. I thought it was too tiring for sthg that wouldn't be that popular. Probably not even in our own fandom. But I've been LONGING to make this vid since last Christmas. So the hell with the views' number! :) Who cares if we're only 20 to watch/like it! I'd be very happy and proud of it anyway.

- My deepest thanks to my lovely Gracie, who helped me a lot in finding most of the lovely Newmans' pictures. If it wasn't for your encouragements, I wouldn't have finished the vid that fast *hugggs*

- Most of all, this is for S. (Robstenation), who was the first to draw my attention to the Newmans/Robsten similarity. She's a genuine friend to me and the outstanding blogger of an outstanding site. I know you hate surprises, honey. But I'm really hoping you'll like this one ;)