Cosmopolis Filming Tidbit- Mentions Rob's Acting Chops

DrivenPictures/TylerIppolito "I PA'd on this movie in Toronto where it was shot, Cronenberg was really demanding of Pattinson but he was up for it! I didn't see dailies but the rave shoot is where I saw Pattinson's acting chops. Cronenberg was very demanding. Demanding as in excessive amount of takes where most directors would have wrapped, but Rob never blinked an eye."
cosmopolisfilm /pattinsonladies

Apparently, this guy was a kinda skeptical at first I included his tweets in this June 21st Cosmopolis Post
His tweets on June 21st  - before they filmed the rave scenes.

"If this movie is anything like Cronenbergs other films, Pattinson will have to do some real acting, not just look sparkley lol. I heard Elephants was good. I'm excited to see what kind of performance Cronenberg can get out of Pattinson on Cosmopolis.Takes for the rave scene will be 2-3 minutes each. Its a one day shoot and they'll shoot till Cronenberg is happy! "

Itsy, bitsy mentions like this one makes me a proud Rob fan, gazillion times over! Intense Robric is intense! Can't wait for Cosmopolis.