New/Old Fan Pics of Rob and Kristen in Montepulciano


Martybet "Rob and Kris, during New Moon shoots in Montepulciano smoking together at the party. (I made the photo :P ) I've taken the pic at the party of production in montepulciano. 29 May (2009), the best day of my life. They smoked and they talked a lot together! too cute."

Also from Martybet "Kris in Montepulciano. So beautiful."

Her full fan account "I arrived at the Party at 9.00 pm with my dad. There are few people, Kristen talked with a girl of the crew and then I asked her an autograph. She was very kind. Everyone in Montepulciano said that Rob had already left, and when I saw him ... I almost died, seriously LOL. When I asked him to sign an autograph he made me hold his beer, (yeah OMG) I was shaking. Then Rob and Kris came out to smoke. They laughed a lot. I tried to take pictures but a guy told me no. The only pic that I've taken is this: . About eleven o'clock Robert and Kristen are left together in the same car. I knew the driver very well. There were also Ashley Greene and Charlie Bewley. I have a pic with Ash and with Charlie. ( I'm horrible in that pic so I don't show you it )  That's it."

I'm posting these rarely seen fanpics from May 2009, since I started my blog later that year and I def missed these gems. Thanks for sharing Martina.