Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Shocked by Rob and Tay's 'Best Kiss'

“I did not know that there would be a ‘Twilight’-on-’Twilight’ kiss,” Reynolds told us days later when we caught up with him at a “Green Lantern” press event. “We had no idea.”

Of course, having witnessed the inaugural “Twilight” Best Kiss win, the actor had been imagining something of the sort for years. “I’d seen it in my head many times as I closed my eyes,” Reynolds added. “But that was quite shocking, actually, that he would just run off the stage like that and attack that poor boy.”

Lively’s family, for their part, were equally stunned by the smooch — and the unwelcome attention of MTV’s cameras. “My family was sitting behind them,” Lively explained. “They were like, ‘Ooooh!’ They were hiding. They were so shy.”

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