Possible Ninja Sighting: Rob and Kristen in Toronto

Updated! From Toronto-based @avabac "rob pattinson and kristen stewart are walking their dog on xxxville ave. Yes, they're holding hands. #Twihards, sorry ladies. I was driving at the time so no photo. Slowed down to grab a peek as I drove past. Definitely them. Holding hands." about 1 hour ago via Twitter.

Tweets about ninja Rob.

sojinski "Just bumped into Rob Pattinson at the airport lol thank god I'm not a twilight hoe. he was standing right beside me for the whole time and I didn't recognize him til thos girls started screaming. do have a picture of him walkin away."

 Victoria1985, also explains that the girl above either lives in Toronto or Korea but has been talking about a show in Toronto that will happen in 2 weeks.

While another who has been in Canada since May 5 tweeted:
branners97 got bitched at by Canada Customs( May5th tweet)
(May 7th tweets) "about 15mins away from meeting Rob Pattinson.... It's official... Rob Pattinson is one of the nicest guys ever."
According to isadoranassif In @ branners97's facebook account says she lives in Toronto.

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Where else could he be? lol But 'home' with Kristen and Bear.

In case you missed it, Kristen and Bear were spotted in Toronto