Tom Sturridge Talks More About Kristen. "She's astonishing...just brilliant."


E!OnLine- Marc Malkin  It's not easy being Kristen Stewart.

Though she looks plenty pleased sitting with costar Garrett Hedlund in this just-released still from On the Road, her pal and fellow Road costar Tom Sturridge says he's seen firsthand how aggressive the paparazzi can be with K.Stew.

"I think, you know, with her and with everybody, it's just not fair, especially with like young girls," Sturridge told me the other day while promoting his new flick Waiting For Forever (out tomorrow, February 4) at West Hollywood's Standard Hotel. "It's outrageous. Men chasing young girls? It's terrible."

Working with Stewart on On The Road was anything but terrible. "She's astonishing," Sturridge said. "I think she's genuinely an extraordinary actress, and she does things in the film that I've never seen her do. But also kind of never seen anyone do. Yeah, she was just brilliant." (FYI: He doesn't lock lips with her, but costar Garrett Hedlund does.)

On the Road, an adaptation of Jack Kerouac classic beat novel of the same name, also costars Sam Riley. "It was so weird," Sturridge said. "I remember the beginning when all of us were sitting at rehearsals looking at each other being like, 'How is this responsibility of this film sitting on our shoulders?'"

Sturridge also revealed that he hasn't seen Hedlund's most recent flick, Country Strong. But he doesn't really have to. "Garrett has sung me all the Country Strong songs and acted out whole scenes for me so I feel like I've seen it," he said, laughing.

In Waiting For Forever, Sturridge plays a professional juggler who has a lifelong obsession with a childhood friend, played by Rachel Bilson. "I've definitely been obsessed with a couple of girls," said with a smile. "They didn't work out."