Breaking Dawn Update: PFach Tweets about Baton Rouge Weather and More

peterfacinelli gossip_dance

Tornado watch is really scary. Let's pray that the cast, crew and the locals are all safe.

More Updates!
NessieMackenzie "The cast's been participating on the shooting of the Making Of special for the Breaking Dawn DVD.The BD DVD is expected to have a documental with the Making Of- and more special features on its deluxe edition (like the NM & Eclipse DVD). We can anticipate lots of cute family moments on the behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn part II ."

LaineyGossip "The schedules have been fluid but they're supposed to be shooting wedding prep and imprinting scenes this week, Thursday and Friday specifically."

The 'February 19 epic party' is just a party organized by Baton Rouge fans. No cast is involved. More about this on their  Facebook Page. Thanks Anon.