Kristen and Rob in Vanity Fair's Hollywood Top 40 Earners of 2010

ETA: The 'catchy Kristen's name on the cover' is about Hollywood's Top 40 Earners of 2010.
Kristen is at #13 with $28.5 million and Rob at #15 with $27.5 million.Taylor is at #9 with $33.5 million.

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NYTimes The “Twilight” kids – Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson – also made the top 15; at No. 13, Ms. Stewart was the highest-ranking woman, and the trio were the youngest members on the list. via

Last year Kristen was at #37 with $16 million and Rob at #35 with $18 million. full 2009 list here

Rob's $1 million earning for Bel Ami is listed on the same page as Kristen's.
Only $1.5 million for WFE? Considering its from a major studio...
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In case you're interested I included Tay's numbers. And hey, I don't enjoy reading 'bashings' on this kid, ok? 

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"Kristen Stewart Makes How Much?"

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