GossipCop: Rob was not "Denied" Haunted Plantation Halloween Party

GossipCop According to the site, Robert Pattinson “had big plans for Halloween and it involved inviting the entire cast of Breaking Dawn to one of the most haunted places in the world,” namely, Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.

But, reports HollywoodLife, the cast “couldn’t get the haunted house of their dreams.”  That would be awfully disappointing… if it were actually true.

Kristen Stewart, who “wanted to spend Halloween” at Myrtles, was actually in Los Angeles over the weekend, as were other cast members like Peter Facinelli. Ashley Greene happened to be in South America.

So it seems rather unlikely that Pattinson planned to have “the entire cast” over to the plantation, since “the entire cast” wasn’t even in Louisiana and supposed co-host Stewart was thousands of miles away.

What “evidence” does HollywoodLife have? The site quotes a Myrtles rep as saying, “Someone called us up and asked if we were available anytime during Halloween weekend” and “said it would be for members of the Breaking Dawn cast.”

So “someone” — never identified — may have called the plantation and mentioned that Breaking Dawn wanted to have a party there.

That’s a FAR cry from Robert Pattinson getting “DENIED!”

“I don’t know about it,” an employee who’s worked there for eight straight days told Gossip Cop. She even heard the venue’s manager describe the Pattinson rumor as “blown out of proportion.”

At last, a word from GossipCop about Rob's 'alleged' Halloween Party. So no vintage ring with a huge red heart for Kristen? lol  
I think GC missed the fact that Kristen arrived in Louisiana exactly on the 31st so technically she spent Halloween with Rob in BR and not in Los Angeles.
In case you want read this crazy story