Rupert Sanders talks Kristen, SWATH with TeenCom

  kstewartnews How are you adjusting to all this media attention?
Rupert Sanders: I wouldn’t say I’ve become like Kristen Stewart, but I certainly have to talk a lot more than I am used to about my work. [Laughs.] But I am very proud of it and I am proud of making it and I am proud to work with so many great people. It's good to talk about it.

Obviously we see the uncharacteristic toughness of Snow White in the film, but how different did you want to make Snow White and what do you think Kristen Stewart brought to her?
RS: I think Kristen Stewart brought a lot to it. I think she is very brave and rebellious. She has a weight on her shoulder, she’s really in the spotlight, and she deals with everything on her own. I think she’s inspiring, and all of those qualities made her what I wanted in the role of Snow White.