Rob's Interview with ZDF. Mentions Kristen

 Rob: (about Kristen's performance in OTR) "yeah, no she's doing amazing in Snow White as well" .... (would he like to work with Kristen again) "I mean I'd love to, yeah. I mean I don't know soon, it's like..but uh, yeah I think she's great." Thanks Courtney from the comments. 

At 0:17 he says that it is five years after Twilight start and that it is nice that fans still are excited - altough he has been in Berlin only two month ago.
0:40 "I don't know if the fans will like it, but always doing what the audience taste - the won't like it. At
1:11 Kristen is doing great with SWATH, would like to do another movie with her, but don't know when that happens.
1:40 Really like Berlin, had great holidays here once, would like to stay for some time.
Thanks Moe, also from the comments. via  ermynee_wazlib at Pattinsonlife RPLife Youtube veronicaspuffy