Le Figaro Reports about the Cosmopolis AfterParty

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 LeFigaro - May 26, 2012 Translated by CSI_Robsten
It was the most private night of the Quinzaine, with very scary bouncers and entrance allowed only after a chip scan on Blackberry to serve as invitation. We had promised we would not take pictures. We almost kept it. Almost, because we snapped Robert Pattinson in front of us. But one his eight bodyguards put his big fingers on our lenses. Therefore we don't have any good picture, but we do have a little story to tell. We chose some bits of it.
9.37: Rob sneakingly shows up first at dinner. He's all alone. Outside, nobody knows yet that the party takes place at the Carlton Cinema Club. There are no blooming young girls to give an alerting shout. Sarah Gadon, his costar in the movie, arrives at the most private tent of the Festival, followed by David Cronenberg and Juliette Binoche.

9:58: Kristen Stewart surprisingly makes her entrance in a red jacket and black short shorts, followed by Tom Sturridge and Danny Morgan, her costars in On The Road. Clearly, the vampire look is back in full force.
10.09: Confirmed. Kristen sits next to Rob for dinner.
10.17: Edit. Rob has just moved to another table for the main dish.
10.19: Two fans en fourreau are dragged away by the organization. Taking a picture with your Iphone, pretending to write a text is so 2010. 
10.53: Kristen drinks some water and chats with Tom Sturridge.
10.57: Robert drinks beer and eats fried gnocchi.
11.22: News spreads like wildfire on Twitter eventually. Dozens of fans are already camped out outside.
11.57: Robert drinks another Heineken on the terrace and gives Kristen a furtive kiss on her forehead.
11.58: Kristen is happy
11.06: Their bodyguards make their way to the exit
11.07: Robsten and their people are moving towards the exit. This time the screams are heard up to Palais des Festivals.

Nothing really new. But still good (cute and funny) RK stuff.