Kristen's New Interview with Bravo + New Pic

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Thanks to Mandy@KStewandRPatz for the scans and translation.

Cool, brave – and magically beautiful. As Snow White in [Universal’s] new blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman Kristen Stewart shows some qualities of a real hero as she challenges evil queen Ravenna and the dark forces to battle. The perfect role for the 22-year-old! Because Kris is not just a fighter on set but also proves to be a real Hollywood rebel during our BRAVO interview. “This business really annoys me!”, she says in a cool way.
That the actress is not your average glamour princess occurs to me, the BRAVO reporter, the minute I meet Kris for our interview at the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton in Berlin (200€ per night). Instead of a sexy dress and high heels she is wearing leather boots, burgundy colored jeans, a simple top, and a black jeans jacket. The beauty hardly put on any make-up and her hair is not styled but casual. I quickly realize: This girl is comfortable with herself and has a mind on her own.
She wears, says, and does what she wants which is why Hollywood’s glamour world has given her the reputation of being an outsider. Sometimes she is even described as “impolite” and “being in a bad mood”. Boyfriend and Twilight colleague Robert Pattinson defends the love of his life and says: “People have decided how they are going to perceive her. No matter how many times she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling.” True! In real life the tiny actress is very nice and constantly grinning. The 5’5’’ superstar is obviously proud of her role in the 140 million dollar expensive adaptation of the famous fairy tale. Twilight’s sensitive Bella turned into a tough heroine – and even shows some courage in real life…

BRAVO: What did you enjoy the most while shooting the movie? 
Kristen: The sword fights (laughs)! And I have to say that being on set already felt like being in a fairy tale. The world that Rupert created is incredibly beautiful.

BRAVO: Did you trust him right away? It was Rupert’s first movie after all! Before, he only did TV commercials… 
Kristen: The moment I met him for the first time I knew he’s the right guy. I think it’s so important to give new talents some kind of “power”.

Kristen: Because it’s great to risk something from time to time and being courageous. You rarely have that in Hollywood. That’s s so annoying! Look at France – they did The Intouchables. The movie was an incredible success because of the great storyline. It seems to me as if every country is making sentimental movies and it’s the Hollywood bosses out there who constantly think about how much money they can make!

BRAVO: What does courage mean for you personally? 
Kristen: To always be honest! We all have some kind of moral compass within ourselves so we know what’s right and what’s wrong. And you have to listen to that. I even think it’s easier to be honest [than being fake] because I don’t want to have to be ashamed of my actions and words. To me honesty is what makes life better!

BRAVO: In Snow White and the Huntsman the evil queen always wants to be perfect, beautiful, and the best. Does that remind you of the crazy showbiz? 
Kristen: Absolutely! Just an example from the last couple of days: I was publicly criticized for wearing sneakers at events while all other women were wearing high heels. No one cares about the fact that I sprained my ankle and was in pain. I mean, I DO wear these things [high heels] for the photos and totally understand that a pretty dress looks better in high heels. But if I meet my fans afterwards I throw these things away and put on sneakers. I don’t want be in pain while signing autographs and some people in Hollywood just don’t seem to understand that. They’re nagging about the way I dress because I’m not doing what they expect me to do… But life is about so much more than just looks.

BRAVO: Your fans seem to think the same…
Kristen: And that’s exactly the great thing about it! Young adults are the best fans I could have hoped for. They are honest and cool. They haven’t yet been poisoned by Hollywood and its standards of beauty. They don’t see the circus that is being presented but want to see real people… the real Kristen.

BRAVO: Is that the reason why you like to play the strong hero? 
Kristen: Yes. When it comes to choosing movies I listen to my heart. And really, because of exactly these kind of roles I am constantly asked about what makes a strong woman.

BRAVO: And what is your answer? 
Kristen: Let’s take Snow White and the Huntsman for example: what immediately fascinated me about the character was… The movie is about action and big battles but still Snow White remains the girl that she is. And she proves that even as a tiny woman you can achieve so much. How? By staying true to yourself and believing in yourself – that’s the kind of strength women should possess. Snow White doesn’t seem to be strong because she can beat 6’7’’ warriors but because she always remains herself and doesn’t let herself be influenced by others.

BRAVO: When you were a child did you have a favorite fairy tale? 
Kristen: Mom always read The Giving Tree to me. But I have to admit that I started watching movies at an early age. Even movies that weren’t even meant for children (laughs) like Shining or Taxi Driver. But my favorite movie was The Jungle Book. And I loved Winnie the Pooh.

BRAVO: What would your absolute dream role be like? 
Kristen: I would like to play someone with whom I cannot identify myself. So far I had a special connection to every character that I played. I love them all and defend them against anyone who doesn’t like them. I even find reasons why I would have acted just like them if I had been in their situations (laughs)! That’s why I would love to play someone that I really don’t like – that would be a great challenge!

Additional quotes: “To play in movies which are based on novels is what I love the most.” “When I was a child I looked like a boy which is why I was picked on a lot.”