Kristen's Interview with TV Grande Chaine

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At 22, the Bella from Twilight has many shootings. After On the Road by Walter Salles, she hits the box office with Snow White and the Huntsman

When you were a little girl, were you a fan of Snow White?
Not at all! I liked The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. I didn’t read much fairytales. For me, it’s a new world to explore.
So you have never dreamt to be a princess?
If only you have seen pictures of me when I was a child, you wouldn’t ask this question! [Laughs]. Princesses were not my thing. They only wear dresses, do her hair…
…and they wait for the charming Prince!
I like boys! But I never was the kind of girl who date a different boy each week. I was obsessed with the same guy for a pretty long time. I am idealistic and romantic, it’s almost embarrassing.
This Snow White is really different from the one we all know. How would you describe her?
She is very lonely. Since she was a child, she has responsibilities and a link with nature. She is not a superhero, but her capacity to see the good in each person is almost supernatural. It is one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of the movie.
Does she look like Bella, the fiancée of the vampire in Twilight?
A little. Both of them see the light where nobody does. They stay on their ground until the others agree with them. Bella and Snow White are leaders. However, they become leaders due to men!
Fightings are very present in the movie. The shooting must have been very physical?
Yes, I had the impression to be in a boot camp! [Laughs]. But, being an actress, I have few opportunities to play such scenes. Riding a horse and fighting, in armor with a sword in my hand… Everything was really amazing!
Welcome to The Rileys, The Runaways, On the Road… You have been in many independent movies. Is it to make forget Twilight?
[She thinks for a long time]. I really liked this franchise. But the experience lasted for so long and it was really intense on an emotional level that it became exhausting. I needed to commit in other projects.
Have you always felt free in your choices?
Absolutely. I always have had follow my choices. I really need a connection with my character. I loved every each of them I played. I feel kind of responsible toward them.

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