Kristen's Interview with On the Red Carpet

“She encompasses all of those things that we know her to be,” Stewart told regarding her character. “She’s got the connection to the Earth and the animals and she’s very selfless and compassionate. But I think what was cool about what we did was we made it super-human.” ”It wasn’t a fairy tale in that she was like, not real. No one’s purely selfless,” she added. “So it was about putting her in a real world and like, challenging her to be those things in a really dangerous environment.”

 “Riding the horses was probably the most challenging thing for me,” she told host Rachel Smith. “I was really looking forward to really pushing myself in a real way and like … representing a character that wasn’t like, a superhero, and so I knew that everything I was going to do was actually going to actually, physically, be me.

 “I had a great double – my stunt double did a lot of awesome stuff, but the horse thing, man, it’s just so powerful, these animals, especially the charge down the beach in the armor, with 100 horses behind you. I would rather hang out and watch them sort of like prance around a pasture. They’re beautiful and I don’t like telling them what to do,” she added.

OTRC Snow White Preview 1 from Christopher Dutton on Vimeo.

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