Kristen's Interview with El Mercurio (Chile)

  Kristen Stewart: “I’ve never been a fan of fairytales”
The heroin of the twilight saga comes back with a Badass Snow White, but she says she stays true to the classic character. “Snow white and the huntsman” makes its debut in Chile on June 21st.
Protected inside of a centric and luxury Aztec hotel, Kristen Stewart is not indifferent to the chorus of hundreds of fans that have been here throughout the morning and much of the afternoon making a vigil to wait for her to appear on a balcony and greet. And although she does it, the loyal fans do not leave the area waiting of a new appearance.

However, the last years, particularly since this young girl of 22 years old jump to fame with the blockbuster “The twilight Saga”- and who has never publicly acknowledged her relationship romance with her co-star Robert pattinson.-, has learned to love her fans but at the same time fiercely protect her privacy “When I made the first promo world tour I was just 18 years old” tells Stewart, that after posing for photographers in a glamorous outfit receives a “EL MERCURIO” more relaxed in jeans and a sweatshirt.
“Now, it’s so much easier to me to be free and talk from my heart, because I know my limits. I don’t play that horrible game of not knowing how much give, and being honest without not being eaten. Now, it makes so much sense to talk about my movies, I don’t talk about anything else and I think that’s important.” She explains.

Before the end of the vampires and werewolves series, Stewart comes back to the Chilean cinemas turned into Snow White, but not the classic fairytale of the immortalized Disney classic. Here is a young lady that must lead a rebel army to take back her throne from her evil stepmother (Charlize theron) and divide her heart between the charming prince (Sam Clafin) and the man sent to kill her (Chris Hemsworth) who becomes her ally. Snow white and the huntsman it’s a super production of $170 million that debuts with success in United States.

Did you admire this character when you were a child?
“The truth is that I’ve been never a fan of fairy tales; the stories of princess were never my favorites. I mean, I understand why these stories have endured for so long but never did tune with me. That’s why I like this movie, because it was very different. As an actress, I want to challenge myself and discover things, and this Snow white keeps all its delicacy and sweetness, but must fight and become harden.”

This is a snow white that have to use a sword and fight…
“I love that, especially because everything you see in the movie are things that a girl my size can do. I like challenges, but it is foolish to see a girl like me running and throwing kicks to huge and burly men. I’m no super hero. I hurt a lot during the filming. A lot.

And considering the lack of action heroines in Hollywood, wouldn’t you like to experience more in that genre?
I think there must be a reason for action. I can’t say I hate a certain genre, but all the characters I play have to come from a place where I feel the story deserves to be told. I’m not a big fan of the idea of ​​just running and killing people just because. It must be something real behind, a good reason.

How was the experience of working with Charlize Theron?
She blows your mind when she enters a room. She has an energy that is pervasive and intimidating. I really wanted to impress her, all the time. It’s always like that when I work with actors I’ve admired all my life; and then work with her and realize that we do this for the same reasons, it was incredible.

Do you feel any complications that your movie comes shortly after the other snow white movie, with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins?
Lily is a very good friend of mine and we got these roles more or less at the same time. But the truth is, we didn’t do this movie for the impression you may have with the other one or what will people say, I can only say they are very different.

- You still haven’t joined twitter. Have you ever had the intention to do so?
I think the most interesting part of me at this moment is that Snow White is being released and I think it’s very weird that you believe that you are so interesting and so wonderful. I have no problem with twitter and social networks. Surely if I were not in my position I would have an account, but I think the moment you start to deliver details that are just so yours, you stop knowing who you are. I think it is logical that everyone wants to talk to me about this movie, but if you want to know what I do on Sundays, I ask ‘why you’d want to know that?’ –

Even when there is no confirmation of the studio, there is already talk of a possible sequel to “Snow White and the Huntsmant” about it, Stewart says, “no actor is bound by contract, but if the story is good I think we’ll all jump happily at the prospect of continuing this story”
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