Kristen and Charlize Interview with RTL-NL

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Kristen's interview is in English.  HollandGirl translated Charlize Theron's interview (they spoke in African Dutch). Again, thanks so much  sweetie. Btw, this is the same weird, funny guy who asked Rob to bite him during their interview for Breaking Dawn Part 1

Translation under the CUT.

Charlize Theron is one of the most loved and prettiest Hollywood actresses, although she won an Oscar for a role in which she had to be very ugly - In the film 'Monster'. [...] And now again she plays a vicious woman, as the stepmother from hell in Snow White and the Huntsman. [...]

Beginning of the interview in English
C: It sounds a little bit like you talk. A little bit.
P: 'Imitating how she says 'A little bit'
C: They have made it a little bit flatter
P: Do you like it when I ask Dutch questions or do you prefer English?
C: No, I understand it a little bit. I hope you can understand me.
P: Yes, I understand you. Let's try it
C: Okay okay

 P: Do you dream in Dutch or African?
C: Sometimes I dream in African, but sometimes all of us dream in the international language. I don't know, do you dream in Dutch?
P: I guess so
C: Do you speak in your dreams? *both laughing*
C: I don't speak in my dreams

Charlize was born in South-Africa, where she got raised at the farm of her parents.

P: Did you have a nice youth?
C: Did I have what?
P: A nice youth
C: *repeating Peter* 'een leuke jeugd'. What is a 'leuke jeugd'?
P: A happy childhood
C: Ooh, a 'gelukkig jeugd'. Oh yeah, my life as a kid was fantastic. Now I have my friends in The States and Europe and I have become famous, I find out how happy my childhood was. I was born and raised at the farmer with goats, surrounded by animals and nature.
P: But did you already want to become an actress?
C: No, not then. I wanted to do ballet. It was later in my life that I found out that I wanted to become an actress.

Soon we'll face Charlize with a less happy part of her life. She saw how her father got murdered by her mother. And the hugely popular Kristen Stewart talks about the fame that changed her life forever. [...]

We meet top actresses: Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, who both play the main characters in Snow White and the Huntsman. [...] In the movie Snow White sees how the evil queen murders her father. In real life Charlize experienced the same at an age of 15. In self-defence her mother shot her violent and drunk father.

P: When I was watching Snow White, I saw that she saw how her father got murdered by her stepmother
C: Now it's hard to understand you
 P: I try it again. No, I'll do in English

 *English part* Snow White and the Huntsman is a dark adaption of the infamous fairytale. The evil queen gives the Huntsman the order to find Snow white, played by Kristen Stewart , in the bewitched wood. So the queen can kill her and rule forever. [...]

P: You play the evil queen.
C: Yeah
P: That must be so much fun to play
C: I guess I like those kind of characters. I'm fascinated by people, or a woman in this case, who becomes like Ravenna. Because nobody of us is born as a bad person. We all are born with the same heart. And what is it in our lives that chooses us to become like her. IMO that's interesting.
P: You really made a human being of her. I think that's very beautiful. At the end....
C: But she is a human being.
P: Yeah, she is, but at the end I felt even bad for her
C: That's good, that was my intention. So I succeeded.
P: Yeah

 And now it's time to talk with Snow White herself. Kristen Stewart was born in 1990 in LA. Her break through came with the Twilight vampire movies. [...] She's known as someone who hates doing interviews and soon we find out why that's the case. *Kristen's English interview*

In daily life she has a relationship with Robert Pattinson, who she got to know in her Twilight period. But about her private life she doesn't want to talk.  *The rest of the interview* (Tiny Rob-mention there ;))

The single Charlize has less difficulties to talk about herself. She became mother this year, since she adopted a boy.
P: You're in a very happy period of your life right now.
C: Yeah, my whole life I have been extremely happy.
 P: You become a mother!
C: Yes, I become a mum.
P: I have also adopted a boy a couple of years ago.
 C: How old is yours?
P: 4 years
C: Four... Aaww
P: I still know what I felt when I got him into my arms. What did you feel?
C: It felt like it had to be like this. I don't know how to say it in another way. Every moment with him, from the moment that I had him in my arms for the first time, felt exactly like it had to be. I can't imagine it another way than this.
P: It feels like your own child
C: Yeah
P: No difference
C: It's absolutely amazing. He's my child. He's my child!
P: He's a little too young to see this movie,
C: Yes, a little bit (again she says that in her funny accent) He will see the movie when he's 40
P: When you saw yourself in the mirror this morning, what did you think?
C: I think what every woman thinks. Some days are better than others. I don't want to be twenty anymore. And I guess this movie points out that you should value how you look, otherwise you can say 'het bijt je in de kont'
 P: I don't get that! What did you say? Say it in English *laughing*
C: It will bite you in the ass