Fan Account from the Strombo taping and Cosmopolis Canadian Premiere

Via email, from our regular reader Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing your fan account bb.

I was blessed to have attended The Strombo Show and the Canadian premiere of Cosmopolis. I was relentness with gaining access into the CBC show as it was closed to the public. With some luck I was placed on the guest list for the Cosmopolis taping with Rob. I also won premiere tickets from Virgin Radio. Both happened on Friday, June 1! I was stunned, happy, overwhelmed and humbled but still couldn"t believe this would all be happening on Monday.

 Here goes: The Strombo Show with the ultra cool host taped from 4pm to 6pm. We were an intimate audience of 130 excited fans. Security was tighter than usual. Maleapie and I were in the first group escorted into the studio. Settled into the 2nd row, slightly off centre. This was perfect as Rob would be angled towards us. The floor manager warned us not to scream and to stay in our seats. Photos, video and phones were also not permitted. Can you believe he even said "Vampires are not real. Vampires are not real." George interviewed first David, then Rob, Paul and Sarah. Rob entered stage right along with Dean. Dean stayed in the studio with his death glare constantly panning the audience. Funny that he wore the same brown polo top that he wore on our overnight set visit on July 7, 2011. Rob standing and waiting for his introduction was breathtaking. 

As you know he wore the same suit to the Strombo show and the premiere. He was smiley and seemed very relaxed while chatting quietly with a production assistant. Lucky, lucky woman. Paul swore a lot during his segment. He was hilarious and so complimentary of Rob. Hopefully, they may shorten Paul's segment due to the swearing and show more of Rob. When Rob completed his interview, he was asked to sit back down (Yay!) so George could re-do the ending by asking a different question. The interview was about 20 minutes but I don't really know. It was a surreal experience. As far as I know, Rob stayed in the green room during the other interviews. At the end of Sarah"s interview everyone came back into the studio along with Kevin Durand. Rob walked with a confident air about him. George taped his closing remarks with Rob at his side. George also taped a 10 second commercial to promote the show on the CBC News. The aftershow picture of George and Rob was posted earlier today. I hope they release more as George was very playful with Rob by leaning his temple against Rob's shoulder then leaning his forehead against his shoulder. Rob laughed the whole time. This exchange happened right in front of us. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. Then Rob really sent us over the edge with his next move as described by Marleapie: Felt like slo-mo. Standing in front of us, Rob reached into his jacket pocket, takes out a TOOTHPICK, breaks the plastic with his long, nimble fingers and pulls it between his hot as hell lips. We were giddy & excited, gripping each other trying to keep our whimpers low so Rob couldn' hear us freaking out. (I hope.) DEAD AGAIN. DEAD AGAIN. DEAD AGAIN. Rob waves, struts away and out of the studio.

 P.S. Yes, I took a picture of me sitting in Rob's red chair when the studio cleared out. Rob and company were due at the premiere at 630pm so we booted ourselves over there. Safety was a concern on the red carpet. The fans were treated like cattle with not enough barriers set-up. We decided to go directly inside the TIFF Bell Lightbox. After the red carpet was complete, Rob and company attended a private cocktail reception that we didn"t have access to so we waited in our theatre seats, 4th row centre.

Finally Rob and company appeared on stage to introduce the movie. We were then told about the Q and A afterwards. KILL.ME.NOW. Totally unexpected. I know my question was not original but at least I had another moment with Rob! I was afraid to make a fool of myself and went with the safe, fluffy question. Please don't judge me too harshly.

There are better videos out there but this belongs to me and I am proud of it:) I thought meeting Rob last year was epic but to spend so much time with him on Monday was out of this world over-the-top.

I'm also posting her video from her Cosmopolis set visit last summer.