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Where Would Robert Pattinson Be Without 'Twilight'?

Rob Pattinson Describes Filming 'Emotional' Final Sequence In 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1

How Did Robert Pattinson Deal With Fan Expectations For The Honeymoon Scene?

Robert Pattinson Talks Kristen Stewart As A Vampire In 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Robert Pattinson Reacts To 'Bel Ami' Pickup, Talks 'Unbound Captives' Status

Transcript under the CUT

Where would Rob be without Twilight?
Josh: Mr. Pattinson, how are you?
Rob: I'm good yeah, how are you?
Josh: Good, I'm good. Ok we're not finished, there's still a ways to go, but we came back a little bit. Where the hell would you be without Twilight?
Rob: Would I be dead? *laughs*
Josh: *laughs* No, would it be that bad?
Rob: Um, I don't know. I have no idea.
Josh: Do you think you would've stuck with acting? It's kind of well known you were kind of on the fence at a certain point about whether to keep going with this thing or not.
Rob: I don't know. I always, I think a lot of actors think about that all the time because you just kind of have to confront your insecurities quite a lot and I have plenty..*laughs* ..plenty of insecurities!
Josh: Even now, with the whole world loving you?
Rob: Even more! Before you can kind of bullshit yourself all the time. Like if no one cares about you can be like, "I'm the greatest person in the world", and just be completely delusional.
Josh: Are there moments though when you buy into it a little bit where you're like "you know what I look good there" or "I'm pretty awesome"?
Rob: Like not for a while. Yeah, I almost get sick to side with myself. *laughs* Plus, I'm getting older as well.
Josh: Yeah, look at you..(jokingly)
Rob: I'm almost 50!! *laughs*

Rob Talks Filming Emotional Scene

Josh: Alright, so Breaking Dawn Part 1, I was talking to Bill Condon, your director in this, and he sighted one scene in particular towards the end, I mean that MEAN THAT last sequence is so heroing where you have to kind of help bring Kristen, you're trying to bring her back to a life of some sort. Was that an especially emotional, satisfying, exciting film scene for you to film?
Rob: Um, yeah. It was one of the only scenes in the movie where for one thing I was incredibly nervous about it and that hasn't happened for a while and because basically it was a two-camera take and it was about five minutes long so we did the whole process..she kind of died and we brought her back to life..I'm kind of giving everything away! *laughs* Delivered the baby, she has the baby as Bella, do all this stuff. It was a big journey. Me, Kristen, and Taylor basically had our turns at doing it. I think Taylor was first and then I had to do something else, I was absolutely terrified. It's such a great feeling when you think you've done almost every angle of your character and suddenly this thing comes up which is totally different. And it also frees you a lot. I mean, obviously in the movie it's everybody at once. It was one of the one times I saw a take afterwards, I thought "Wow", it doesn't look like Edward, it looks like someone else. It doesn't look like me either.
Josh: That's cool.

Rob Talks Honeymoon Expectations
Josh: The honeymoon stuff: Did you guys, when you were shooting it, feel like the expectations were sky high? How could we possibly come close to what people were hoping?
Rob: Yeah, well at the same time, no. That's the one time I have felt like kind of like.."this is easy" *laughs*
Josh: Which part?
Rob: Like I can fulfill people's sexual fantasies expectations without even thinking. That isn't acting! *laughs* But uh, yeah the only thing was just the vanity aspect. Cause literally Taylor ruined the whole series for me. As soon as he buffed up I was like, "well I'm throwing in the towel on New Moon."
Josh: Go a different way!
Rob: *laughs*

Rob Talks Vamp BellaThanks to Misty for this part
Josh: Looking ahead to part 2, we’re going to get to see Kristen revel in all things vampirish. Did you give her any tips? Do you say I’ve been doing this a little while. Here’s what you do.

Rob: Um, no it was just such a great feeling to know that when I’d been complaining, cause she’d been having to wear brown contacts lenses for the whole movie, she’s like “I wear contact lenses why are you always complaining about yours?” And then when she finally wore them and was complaining about them every second of the day. It was kind of satisfying.

Josh: Finally you understand.
(video unavailable now)

Rob Talks Bel Ami and Unbound Captives
Josh: More additions to the family? Any pets, any more dogs or cats enterting the fray or is Bear enough for now?
Rob: Uh, yeah, still got the same, just the one animal.
Josh: That's the important stuff. We want to know. And I don't know if you heard, as we tape this Bel Ami has been picked up for distribution.
Rob: I just found out today in another interview I had.
Josh: Have you seen now a cut of it cause I've asked you about this for a while now. Have you seen a cut of it?
Rob: I mean I've seen one thing ages ago but I have no idea what it's like now. But yeah, that's exciting.
Josh: I spoke to Hugh Jackman recently, he recounted your karaoke story. That's amazing. He said he still wants to do Unbound Captives. Is it still something you think you might do?
Rob: Yeah, I mean I think I might be a little too old for it. It's an amazing script but i don't know..maybe. It's one of those things, I mean if it ever gets put together it's such a different script. I think I'd want to do it if it got put together, yeah.