Rob's Interview with Tu Magazine- Columbia November 2011

It's lovely. That was the feeling that we passed when we met in Los Angeles. The idea was that we spoke with him [on] the first part of Dawn, the last title of the book Twilight in theaters and [which will be] two movies. However, we are not satisfied with strictly professional, classified information also managed to start on their careers [...]

This is what he said:

What scene did you more nervous during the filming of Breaking Dawn?
I'm a little ashamed to say, but what was more nervous I was taking my shirt. In the books there are many parties involved in the body of Edward, and I had managed to avoid having to take my clothes off for almost the entire series, because I would say in the book that happens every three pages (laughs). However, there came a time when there was no point to take the shirt on if he was at sea.

The Brazilians were very warm ...
They are very passionate. There were about 400 people outside our hotel in Rio who kept shouting, Rob! Kristen!. So all the time, until 3:00 am, stopped for 4 hours because it was obvious they needed some sleep, and thereafter began again. When they were silent, looked out the window and were all standing, only in silence, which lasted very little. It was amazing.

Tell us something more [about] Kristen ...
The only thing [she] like[s] to watch on TV is the cooking channel, especially when [on] the set. It usually always have it on while in the makeup trailer. It is [her] only diva behavior (laughs): to always put the cooking channel all the time and everywhere.

What role do you think Twilight has played in our society? How important do you have?
I think anything that helps young people to read is important. Was the same thing happened with Harry Potter . It's amazing, this series completely changed everything. I do not remember the guys talk about the books before, and the genre of literature for young adults was much lower before Harry Potter and Twilight.

Would you be a fan of the series if you were not there?
I do not know. It's funny because I'm a little anti-sagas, I like to support small projects. Although perhaps a bit unfortunate to say, I think these tapes if I would like because they have something different and strange. Although I am not sure I understand why everyone goes crazy for them.

So, you like to see on the internet say about you?
Sometimes, but I do it for practical purposes. Suddenly, I think I've said some stupid things and I'm curious to know who is commenting on it, to see if I have to give another interview to clarify. From what it is to control the damage that has been done.

Tell us about "Bear", your dog.
I found [him] in Baton Rouge, 2 days before we left, since then [he] accompanies me everywhere. [He has] been in more places than the average person. He has lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Arizona.

A very human gesture for a vampire, don't you think?
I wanted to have a friend who could not speak (laughs).

Love Story of Kristen and Robert

When Kristen and Robert met on the set of recording, immediately arose a couple so extraordinary, that passed the screen, but at that time, she maintained a relationship with actor Michael Angarano, so despite the magic that felt there was nothing of romance. Although she had a boyfriend, Pattinson admitted that he felt empathy with his co-star.
Kristen Stewart is basically why I did the movie. When I read Twilight, had chapters in which Edward is described as almost a divine figure, and I believed there was no way I could interpret it.

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