New BD Clip 'Something Old, Something Blue' - from MTV

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MTV First Live Stream Thanks to @skipped-a_beat for the link. Its at 7:56PM ET

"Crap, my mascara!" mom Renee Dwyer (Sarah Clarke) says when she sees Bella, at which point Alice hands her a tissue.

"Thanks," she says, dabbing at her eyes. "Charlie, get in here!" she calls to Bella's father (Billy Burke).

Charlie pops his head into the frame tentatively. "You sure?" he asks, at which point our teaser ends. Those in need of extra ogling and analysis can head over to Hollywood Crush for a photo from the clip, and then don't forget to tune in to MTV at 7:56 p.m. tonight to see the clip in its entirety, followed by a Q&A with the "Twilight" trio on