The Latest on Rob and Kristen's 'Jimmy Kimmel' Guestings, Will Air Nov 9 and 10, respectively

Update! Socalmom2four Just talked to security at Jimmy Kimmel show. Rob tapes @ 6:30pm PST today- Nov 2nd. Kristen tapes tomorrow.

@rocknrollgeek of JKLive "Kristen tapes tomorrow"

via SETexasCat "The latest about Rob and Kristen on Kimmel - They are both taping on 11/2 but the shows will be air on 11/9 for Rob and 11/10 for Kristen. This is correct information direct from Interbridge, I just got an email from them."

From via @Victoria1985


However, still lists Rob and Kristen for the November 2nd and 3rd shows

And their names have yet to appear at's site