Kristen's Interview with Julia Mag - Norway
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Exclusive! Julia meets Kristen Stewart
Finally! The Breaking Dawn premiere is just a few days away. Julia make sure to grab a coffee with Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart looks shocked on the cup filled with steaming, hot coffee.
- Who put this here? Is it for me? Did someone put poison in my coffee?!
She then laugh and says:
- I'm just kidding.

Kristen takes a sip from her coffee with a big smile on her mouth. She's dressed up with jeans, a saggy t-shirt with V-neck and wide arms. On her legs, she is wearing light-blue sneakers. Her hair is dark-brown and she's almost with no makeup on. Her nail polish is dark blue. Last time Julia met Kristen, she was very shy. Today, she's more talkative and very funny.

How have you changed as a person since the first Twilight-movie?
- I was only 17 when I started the first movie. Now I'm 21 and have now become a grown up. I think, at least. I'll never be entire grown up, ha-ha! But I?m not as unsure and shy like when I was younger.

Can it be seen that you've more grown up now, by the movie-roles you choose?
- Yes, except from Twilight, I've played in some movies that are not for children. It's always different reasons for why I choose a movie to be in, It could be a well-written manuscript, a good director or an interesting story that wakes attention and that make me feel like I have to be in exactly that movie.

More after the CUT. Talked about HBG and Rob.

Is it strange that the series are going to an ending?
- Yes, it's strange. Usually it doesn't feel like you are ending a chapter in your life when you are finishing a movie, 'Ok, it's over now, goodbye all friends, I'm now moving on to a new project'. But the Twilight-movies are different. They?ve been a huge part of my life in such a long time that it will feel like a part of me is gone forever.

At least you have the movies left as memories
- Exactly. It's good memories. I've met all my best friends through the last years, so the movies have given me beautiful memories for the rest of my life.

Do you love your job?
- Yes, I really do! I love to be an actress and I'm so happy and grateful that I get to work with this.

Isn't it tiring to be forced to have bodyguards?
- No. I love my bodyguard. He's big, watch out! Ha-ha. We've become very good friends and it feels safe to have him close by, even if it's not always necessary. But for example if I'm on a big film-festival and a group of photographers gets an eye on me, and runs screaming to me, it can be kind of scary. That's when I need someone to help me keep them on a distance.

Can't Robert protect you?
- Ha-Ha. Not in those situations. They are even more interested in Robert than they are in me!

What's make it so fun to pretend to be another person than yourself?
- I think everyone likes it. Especially young kids. They pretend to be different persons, changing their voice and act out different scenes. Adults also 'play' different roles, but in another way. Maybe they are different persons at work, than home. Or that they act different, depending on who they are with. When you act in theater or movies, you get to pretend you are someone else. It's exiting and it keeps your fantasy going.

Do you write your own manuscript?
- I love to write. I write every day, diary and stories. Maybe, someday, it will be a manuscript, let's see.

In Breaking Dawn, Bella gets married. Did you get to choose the wedding dress?
- I got to try it on, but it was the movies costume designer, together with Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the book, that decided how it would look.

Were you nervous on the wedding day?
- Yes, actually. In a way it was like another day of shooting. But at the same time very personally to be dressed up in a wedding dress and be a part of a wedding. I got nervous. It was a huge day and it was an ordeal for me as a bride, even though it was not on real.

How was Robert when you shoot the wedding scenes?
- Robert is so silly. He just wanted to tease me and laugh at me, all the time. But it couldn't be like that. He had to be serious during the shooting. But as soon cameras were off again, we just joked around again, as usual.

What will you miss most about Bella?
- I've been in this role for such a long time and Bella has become a part of me. I love Bella because she?s such a strong girl that likes to help people. She?s not very scared. She has this inherent anger and stubbornness that keeps her move forward and being a good leader. That's what I admire!