Rob, Kristen, and Bill Condon's Full BD OnSet Interview

Talks about Bella's apprehension about the wedding, the baby 'Satan's spawn'. About the wedding dress "It's beautiful, I love it..." Talks about Edward and Bella's relationship, Bella's bump "pregnancy was rough, it was hard."

Talks about the honeymoon, Brazil, filming conditions. Talks about Edward's relationship with Jacob, they wanted the same things for Bella "they kind of bonded over that". About the wedding "relatively momentous moment for the series...". Talks about the baby and the hard decision that Edward has to make.
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Bill Condon and Wyck Godrey's interviews under th CUT

Bill mentions Rob, Kristen and cast at 1:35 via @RPL
"Kristen and Rob, everyone's becoming into themselves, coming into their own. There's this great ease between themselves and sense of confidence that was really enjoyable."

Starts at 1:44, Wyck talks about the fans, mentions Rob and Kristen via @MyRobAddiction

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