David Cronenberg talks about Rob. Cosmopolis might not be Ready for Sundance

“It sort of pleases me to work with actors, like Rob, who have that potential, but haven’t had the chance to realize that yet and show it,” David Cronenberg told the source October 19th at the LA premiere of 'A Dangerous Method'.

“I know [Rob's] big success is Twilight, but as you know Viggo Mortensen‘s big success was Lord of the Rings, but it didn’t show him at his most profound as an actor,” he continued.

Mr. Cronenberg also compared Rob to Keira Knightley, who stars in A Dangerous Method:

“I feel that … Keira Knightley is really quite undervalued and underestimated as an actress,” he said. “I think in A Dangerous Mind she proves she is  superb level of actress she actually is. I’ve worked with some of the best, and she is up there; I feel the same way about Robert Pattinson.”
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TheInSneider Don't expect 2 see COSMOPOLIS star ROBERT PATTINSON @ Sundance... DAVID CRONENBERG: "I don’t think it will be ready for Sundance, frankly."