100 Days Until Breaking Dawn Part 1


Guys, the Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Countdown widget is on! Exciting, right? And we have some updates from the ever-reliable, Wyck Godfrey, read on below. Yup, more excitement there. Yay!
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"100 days until Edward and Bella's ..."

Wyck Godfrey Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ MPAA Rating and Running Time
HollywoodNews.com was able to sneak in a few Breaking Dawn questions to Twilight Saga producer, Wyck Godfrey, at the Television Critics Association where he presented his new television show, Revenge.

Readers know that Bella’s birth scene will be difficult to show on screen, because of the graphic descriptions of vampire labor. Godfrey said that director Bill Condon has a solid cut of the scene that should land a PG-13 from the MPAA.
“I have seen numerous cuts,” Godfrey said. “I think that process is taking place right now. We don’t have any word yet on the rating but I think we’re going to be okay. We’re releasing it PG-13 and it’s incredibly powerful already. It definitely captures what the book captures.”
Breaking Dawn has been split into two parts in order to fit as much of the book as possible into the movies. Part one should not run any longer than Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse though.
“We’re very close to locking picture on part one,” Godfrey added. “It’s about what the other three are, about two hours. I haven’t seen an assembly for Part 2, so we’ll start to get into it in December.” Breaking Dawn Part 1 opens November 18. via  twilightish