New Kristen Photoshoot in the works?

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"Just got a pull request for Kristen Stewart, so excited!"
@SilverRizzo Yes, exactly! :) Hope it all works out, she's never worn my stuff before!
Did Kristen talked to her? @RobstenTwiNews LOL I wish! No, it was the stylist for the shoot! Maybe one day! :)

@SilverRizzo Yeah, I have to keep it under wraps, but it is for a major magazine! :)
@Robsten_2011 Not yet! Should all be taking place later this week! :) Shoot will be in LA or its surrounding areas. No other definite details.via SilverRizzo
Uhmm we've heard of a rumor about a possible W Magazine cover for September, in late May. Lots of possibilities, really.
Update: This site HL says they have official confirmation about Kristen being W Mag's September cover girl. Idk, I hope for the fans' sake they are telling the truth. lol
Special shoutout to Sylvia from Sydney. Thanks a mil bb :)