SWATH Producer Palak Patel Answers PreProd Questions - Kristen Not in London Right Now.

Let's pretend this is all about SWATH. lol Serious business... So this narrows 'things' down. Yeah? lol


@HiComand akane006cullen@palakspatel hey, you haven´t answer me.. is kristen steward in london right now for SWAH pre-production? No not yet “

“@TheModernPath: @palakspatel Will you be on set for the entire production of #SWATH or will you be working from an office?” I'll be on set

This post is dedicated to TinkerStew, sure its sweet sharing some laughs with you - Thanks to sweet Mr. Producer. I'd say this is a  lot better than those fake sightings/tweets blahblah
There are already tweets that she's on set with Rob... how true? We'll wait and see.