WFE Sydney PressCon - May 6, 2011


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Watch the video of Rob, Reese, and Francis Lawrence  arriving at Luna Park HERE


Latest Dirt "We're at the #waterforelephants press conference... R Patz says he has to check which way the toilet goes to know where in the world he's at. Reese described her character as having a "steak dangled in front of her" with R Patz' character! Rob says his snotty kiss with Reese when filming was "perfect" and "I can't say anything bad, she's a lady Rob said #waterforelephants gave him a more positive experience of film making. Patz laughs off the prospect of winning an Oscar one day! Reese says the choreography was extremely challenging, and that she only used a stunt double once for a horse! Rob laughs off his 10yr age gap with Reese.. Rob says the most romantic thing he's done was putting a rose in a girls locker when he was 12 in school. LOL R Patz says Twitter frustrates him... Rob says he sometimes feels like shoving phones of people tweeting about him in restaurants down their throats.

Press conference is over

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