From 3News. More from WFE Sydney Press Junket/Premiere Coverage

3News Sydney Press Junket Interview. RPLife  ripped the videos from 3News website, but if any of them get removed from youtube, you can watch them here

Great interview. Rob talks about the elephant at the Sydney presscon, 'babysitting' the animals, feeding them sweets and candies. "Showgirl is not the right thing." lol Rob.
At 3:53 he talks about 'putting down animals',"I cried for about 5 hours after 'Marley and Me'". He also talked about his music and missing playing live, plans to do that next year.

More interviews and red carpet coverage ALL UNDER the CUT

3News Sydney Premiere Red Carpet Interviews. Rob at 3:01

3News Red Carpet Coverage

Spotlight Report Red Carpet Video - No interviews in this video

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