Shiloh Fernandez Mentions Kristen and Rob in his Interview with Movieline

Movieline Catherine famously made you, along with her other candidates, kiss Kristen Stewart in auditions for Twilight. Were there any similar chemistry tests on Red Riding Hood?

Yeah, we did a bunch of auditions with Red Riding Hood, too. I’ve really never played the romantic role. Skateland, sort of, but aloof. That’s not really a romantic lead, he’s a charismatic kid who’s probably attractive to some people in East Texas. But Twilight and this movie would be more considered romantic, and I just never get those opportunities. I would say that Catherine has a different take on how she finds that chemistry. There was a quote that I gave about Kristen that came off very poorly and they didn’t use my [full quote]. I felt bad because it was something about her being nervous, and truly it was me. She had the part and I came in so nervous and so wanting it that I probably blew it. I probably wasn’t ready as an actor, wasn’t mature enough to match her, because she is a fantastic actress.

Robert Pattinson recently said he spends his spare time in his trailer watching Two and a Half Men. So life after that role ain’t that grand after all.

Well on set I spend my time in my time watching The Biggest Loser. No, I’m joking. It’s The Bachelor. No, I’m joking. I’ve said it before, I think he’s handled himself amazingly well and he’s a very interesting person.

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And R/K were included in the questions - again. lol