Possible R/K Sighting: Dinner With Cast in Baton Rouge

Updates. "No they told us to put our cameras away at the loft but got some from dinner! I was in awe and shocked lol.
Spoke to kristen because she was sitting on my friends sweater and purse, she very skittish.
they guys at dinner were nice so was Janelle Frowhlich, didn't get to talk much to at the loft... asked kristen for my friends stuff, talked to some guy and then I was just stunned, it was exciting!
Like startled easy when I was trying to get my stuff, she awkwardly just trying to cover her face I guess thought I was trying to take a pic at first.
(Rob and Kristen)They walked in close together and sat close together.
We had our cameras out before they got there and literally as rob and kristen were walking up the stairs this guy was telling everyone to put their cameras away... so I didn't want to risk it.
They came in around midnight or 1230ish really late lol
They must have kept the place open. Everything at Perkins Rowe closes so early.
‎230 we were pretty much kicked out I'm sure they stayed longer."


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via SheevaC Apparently its Michael Sheen's birthday yesterday February 5th, so they were prolly out celebrating it, who knows. Glad they had a wonderful time.

I'm glad there are no pics, Dean and HBG are pretty fast. Good job!