RobSten in Rio Master Link Post - Updated

RobSten in Rio

Balcony pics - November 7
Lapa filming - November 7-8
Paraty filming - November 8-11 developing
Paraty- Waterfalls November 9
Mamangua, Paraty November 9-13
Left Rio November 13, 2010 Saturday evening

All **waterfall/piggybackpics** pics are pulled out.

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Brazil Fan Pics

December 2 BD in Rio: Videos of R/K Filming the Kissy Beach Scene

November 24 Another Video of R/K Filming at the Waterfall - Buttcrack Vid

November 22 Lovely R/K Beach Pic from OK Mag

November 21 Rob's Double Talks about working with R/K
November 21 Another video of Rob and Kristen filming at the Marina da Gloria Embeddable version

November 20 New Picture of Rob, Kristen and Entourage at the Rio Airport- Leaving Brazil

November 19 BD in Paraty: Video of R/K at the Waterfall - Buttcrack goodness

November 17 Breaking Dawn Update: Details About the BD Script??? LaineyLiveBLog

November 16 Kissing at the Beach- Playing Chess HQ PIcs
November 16 BD Filming in Veja Magazine- Waterfall Filming Details
November 16 More FanVids Featuring Rio Pics and Clips
November 16 Scans of the R/K Piggyback picture from Extra
November 16 GossipCop busts rumors - R/K romping on the beach

November 15 New Vid Clips of R/K in Paraty- Caps
November 15 Kristen's Double talks Working with Rob and Kristen

November 14 RobSten Fanart: Honeymoon in Rio by BlueAbyss
November 14 Caps of Panico- Brazilian TV BD Filming in Paraty
November 14 RobSten FanVid: Always. BD Set pics
November 14 Rob Wins BBC Radio1's Teen Awards - Acceptance Video was taped while he was in Brazil
November 14 Old/New Rob Pic and Video of R/K Arriving in Rio - November 5, 2010

November 13 FanVideo and Caps of Rob and Kristen at the Rio Airport - Leaving Brazil
November 13 Pics of Rob and Kristen with Fans at the Rio Airport- Nov 13, 2010
November 13 Bikini and Boardshorts Pics- pulled out

November 12 Pics of Rob and Kristen at Isle Esme
November 12 Official Word from RioFilme- Last day of filming Nov 13th Saturday
November 12 More Adorable HQs from the BD-Lapa Set
November 12 Rob and Kristen Used a Trail in the Woods to Escape Paparazzi
November 12 22 BD-Lapa Set Videos
November 12 Another Cute R/K Moment- Kristen bit Rob's hand- Video/Pic

November 11 BD in Rio: Is it a Wrap for Rob and Kristen in Brazil???
November 11 More FanPics from the BD-Lapa Set
November 11 Video: Billy Burke Wants Sexy 'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon Scenes
November 11 Moe FanVids with BD Filming Clips.
November 11 R/K Artwork- Picture from Lapa
November 11 Update on the Cullen House and Mamangua's Current Security Situation. Isle Esme Pics
November 11 GloboNews-Brazil and Aftonbladet-Sweden Talk about BD Filming in Rio

November 10 InStyle: Kristen's Rio Dress is one-of-a-kind vintage
November 10 GossipCop on Kristen's "Nudity" in Breaking Dawn
November 10 New Pics of Rob and Kristen at Lapa and the Marina
November 10 Rob and Kristen, and the BD shoot in Contigo Mag- Scans. New Pic of Rob
November 10 Meet Rob and Kristen's Stunt Doubles
November 10 BD-Paraty. Rob and Kristen's Boat Pics. Leaving Taquari. November 9, 2010
November 10 BD-Lapa: Fanpics of Rob and Kristen - Off Cam

November 9 More Pics of R/K from Copacabana Palace Hotel Balcony
November 9 BD-Lapa. Better Video of the Street Scene in HD
November 9 BD-Paraty Pics of R/K arriving at the waterfall site
November 9 BD-Paraty Filming. Details of R/K's Arrival. Security around Mamangua. Waterfall Scenes
November 9 Brazilian TV- Fama Covers the BD-Lapa Shoot
November 9 Fanvids with BD filming clips- Fiorels
November 9 More BD-Lapa Set Off Cam Pics in HQ, Plus Wyck Godfrey
November 9 BD-Lapa Set Videos Part 3
November 9 More Adorable R/K HQ Pics Plus HQ Links
November 9 An Extra from BD Lapa Filming Shares Her Experience

November 8 BD-Lapa Set Videos Part 2 - NaughtyRob, buttslap
November 8 New Pics of Rob and Kristen at the Marina
November 8 Rob, Kristen, Bill Condon and BD Crew are Loving Brazil
November 8 The Cullen Honeymoon House is Confirmed
November 8 Pics of Rob and Kristen Heading to Paraty
November 8 New Pic of R/K Leaving the Set - Hand in hand
November 8 BD-Lapa Set Videos Part 1 - Kissy Vids
November 8 BD set: More Pics at Lapa Large and HQs

November 7 BD Set- Rob and Kristen at Lapa - Street Scene
November 7 New Fan Pic of R/K - Flight to Rio
November 7 BD Set- Rob and Kristen at the Marina -Speedboat scene
Novemebr 7 New Pics of R/K at the Hotel Balcony waving to fans
November 7 Pics of Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey with Fans

November 6 Video of Rob and Kristen Taking Photos with Fans at the Airport
November 6 New pics of R/K arriving at the airport
November 6 Set pics at the streets of Lapa

November 5 Brazilian TV reports on Rob and Kristen
November 5 From the Fan who was with R/K on their Flight to Rio
November 5 Rumor: Possible Cullen Beach House
November 5 Rumor: R/K and BD Crew Had Lunch with Vin Diesel. Twilight Meets Fast and the Furious + Tyrese Gibson
November 5 Video of R/K at the Hotel Window
November 5Fan Photos of R/K at the Rio Airport
November 5 Story of a Fan Staying at the Same Hotel
November 5 Arriving in Brazil- Hotel Pics- Info, Tweets
November 4  Pics and info R/K leaving NOLA