Leonardo DiCaprio Does Not have Any Advice To Give Rob "other than..."

Given that DiCaprio managed to get his acting career back on track after Titanic by taking two years off so the teen screams could die down, has he any advice for Twilight star Robert Pattinson, suffering the same kind of deafening and possibly career-crippling crazy love right now?

“I don’t have any advice for him,” offers DiCaprio, “other than, continue to work as hard as you possibly can when you get the opportunities to do other films.

“When you’re a working actor who gets to choose your own material, then you’ve hit the lottery. Now it’s time to maintain that — that’s it. You work as hard as you possibly can on every opportunity that you get. But he knows that — I have no advice to give him. I’m sure he knows that . . .”
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I'm sure Leo knows how smart our boy is and that he sees him heading in the right direction - with his movie projects. So its all good. 

I just recently saw 'Shutter Island' (again) and watching Leonardo still amazes me.  The way he embodies the characters he plays is just tremendously satisfying.  His acting is inspirational, that is why I am looking forward to 'Inception'.  I just hope the paths of Rob and Leonardo will cross somehow in the near future.  To have them both in a film, let's say something from Martin Scorsese will just be plain fantastic. Can you imagine the intensity?