Rupert Sanders and Nick Frost talk Kristen and SWATH


The  HeraldSunAU has an new article up on their site. Kristen’s quotes are from previous interviews (FilmInk) but Rupert Sander's quotes are new.

Stewart was always first choice for the lead, Sanders says. "Obviously everyone knew about Kristen. She was someone we wanted to meet," Sanders says, standing outside one of his 30 astounding sets.

"We started, as you do in these things, looking around. (The film's producer) Joe (Roth) had just made Alice in Wonderland, where he had found a new actress (Mia Wasikowska) and we felt there was something very innocent and pure about finding someone with no other roles that you associate them with. But when we went to meet Kristen it was a very simple, done deal. Yes, you are the one."

Coincidentally the unknown actor they turned down for the role, Lily Collins - the raven-haired daughter of Phil Collins - was cast as Snow White in the rival Mirror, Mirror.

Based on the trailer, his version of Snow White is a visual feast. Sixty per cent was shot in real locations, including a deserted Welsh beach and some woodland in London's Queen's Park. The sets, including the evil queen's milk bath and a snow-covered woodland, are breathtakingly real.

"There's quite a lot you're nervous about when you start a project of this scale," Sanders admits."I wanted to create a world where this all felt tangible and it didn't feel like fantasy but felt real."

He adds that his mantra throughout the project was to make a film "that means something" and is true to the original, seven-page story. "People think Snow White is Disney," Sanders says."Disney really made the Grimm's fairy tale very family orientated.But it is a very dark story about so many deeper issues that were never in the Disney version. It's like a biblical tale almost, with a lot of messages and hidden meanings. It's a story that is as resonant today as it was when it was first recorded."

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Another sweet mention, this time from Nick Frost, who plays one of the dwarves in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. He talked to SciFiNow magazine about SWATH and working with Kristen.

He said, “Kristen Stewart works hard – she works 16 hours a day, six days a week, probably for 200 days a year. That’s not to be sniffed at.” He also explained a bit about the role of the dwarves: “The dwarves you see in the film, we’re the last of our kind…. We’re a sad bunch, we’re animals. Once we meet Snow White, she has this amazing effect on us, and we have a chance to become men again and get our honour back.” SciFiMaga Scan via stewartnews