MTV First SWATH Cast



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 The SWATH Clip 

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Kristen on Marcus Forster's 'I was Broken' "I have a connection to that song for years". And MF and SWATH trend WW. Woot! The Power of the Stew!

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Exclusive Clip - The Evil Queen and Snow White Face Off

Kristen relates to Snow White's 'Little Life Experience'

SWATH Gets Deeper into the Story

Chris Found Message Behind SWATH 'Fascinating'

Sam Inspired by SWATH Castmates

Charlize 'Really Enjoyed' Screaming at People

Cast Describe each other in Three Words

Is the SWATH Cast Naturally Vain?

Kristen and Charlize Face Off

Chris Discusses the Huntsman's Accent

Kristen Rescued Squirrels in London

Kristen Nervous to see 'On the Road' Finished. Also talked about BD2,

Chris Hopes to be 'Funny Enough' to Host SNL. Misty's question! Woot! Rapid Fire. Kristen talked about Marcus Foster's 'I Was Broken' " I love that song. I've had a connection to that song for years...". On SNL "I'll do it one day, but not now."