MTV After Hours with the SWATH Cast. Yes/No Show

MTV Of course, there's the Rob mention from Josh at 1:02. lol Such a shipper!

Sorry guys, as usual MTV has been pulling out other vid uploads (YouTube, Daily Motion).

Transcript of the Yes/Now Show' under the CUT  Thanks to our very own Misty/Chudygirl

Josh: Since time is short here, the best way to get through as much information as possible I think is the Yes/No show. As you know only a yes (points to Chris & Charlize’s side) and only a no (points to Kristen and Sam’s side) is acceptable. Are you guys ready to begin?

Charlize: We can only yes and they can only say no?
Josh: No, you’re screwing it up already! Yes or No, here we go. We’ll start with you Sam. Sam, you recently starred in Pirates of the Caribbean film. Do you have Johnny Depp’s email address?
Sam: (sheepishly) No
Charlize interjects: phone number?
Sam: No, not yet!

Josh: Disappointing.  Kristen, any chance you’ll dress up as Snow White this Halloween?
Kristen: Uhh Yeah!
Charlize crosses fingers and whisper shouts Yessss!

Josh: Charlize, do you think your Oscar makes you better than me?
Charlize: yes Josh: Of course that’s an easy one. (btw Kristen’s reaction is cute. She laughs and buries her face in Sam’s shoulder)

Josh: Chris, have you ever had an apple martini?
Chris: Yes
Josh: This morning?
Chris: uh, no
Josh: Um, Sam, do you smell that?
Sam: (tentatively) yeessss?
Josh: I think it’s Chris. (then there’s some banter among the group about the scent of manliness and testosterone from Chris’ side of the room-sorta having a little dig at Sam and Kristen tries to reign them in and says “You guys come on, come on”)

Josh: Kristen, has Rob ever mentioned me? Be honest.
Kristen: Yeeahh (said in a sure, of course kind of way)
Josh: Good, OK good answer (such a fanboy LOL)
Charlize: Wow. You shouldn’t be so excited about that. Kristen, I’d be worried if I was you.

Josh: Charlize, if I were the last guy on earth…
Charlize interrupts: Yes, lover I would
Josh: Okay, perfect (Kristen laughs loudly and says oh my god while burying her face in her hands) Chris, is Snow White going to be the event film of the summer?
Chris: Yeesss (starts out saying it confidently than warily as Charlize waves her hand in a so-so hard to tell motion-probably because both Chris and Charlize have other hugely anticipated blockbuster films coming out)

Josh: Sam, have you ever eaten an entire pizza by yourself.
Sam: Yes, hell yes! (Josh says “We all have” while Kristen is dramatically saying uh, yeah)

Josh: Kristen do you own any pornography?
Kristen: Nooo (in a of course not manner)
Charlize asks in disbelief: Really? Sam leans in and whispers something to Kristen & she covers face with her hand.

Josh: Charlize, ever skinnydip?
Charlize: Yeah , I almost said f*** yeah

Josh: And finally, Chris, do you think it would take you longer than 10 seconds to kill me?
Chris: Uhh Yes. Josh: Thank you for that.
Charlize: Wow
Chris: You’re a strapping lad.
Josh: Really? You need to get your eyes checked!