Kristen talks about K-11's Kate del Castillo

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EonLine.Mexico Kate Del Castillo's talent has gained her a new fan. And one that already has her fan base. (millions of them) After going to visit the set of her mom's film. Kristen Stewart had the opportunity to meet and see the work of the Mexican actress and completely fell in love.

In a recent interview while promoting her upcoming film (Snow White and The Huntsman), in Mexico, the star of Twilight had nothing but compliments to say about the actress. "The whole cast is excellent, i can't choose one as my favorite but, I must say that Kate shines. She's like no other actor or actress. She has a light that's very special. You'll see her performance in the film because, even though her character is not an easy one to play and it requires a alot to develop, she does it in a way that is so impressive." 

Kate will play a transsexual who is the principal voice of the inmates in a prison in Los Angeles and the director is Kristen's mother, Jules Stewart. "The truth is that my mom is very lucky for having had her in this project, no one else could have been able to do it." (...) "She's very open. She has a very cool way of thinking and if there was an opportunity of working with her on a project that would be great. I think we'd get along very well inside and outside the set." 

 Without doubt, the love and admiration from Stewart is great support towards Kate now that she is closer and closer in becoming a recognized figure in Hollywood.

Translation robstendreams via fiercebitchstew