Kristen and Chris' Interview with Dutch Magazine, Stars
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Kristen and Chris, sturdy fairytale couple.
It takes some getting used to see Kristen Stewart with different hunks than Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. But to be honest, she and Chris Hemsworth look like a promising couple in Snow White and The Huntsman. Kristen isn't a vampire girlfriend anymore, but a kick ass princess, while Chris plays a handsome huntsman. STARS went to LA for an exclusive interview.

Q:This is your first big movie without Rob and Taylor. Didn't you miss them, Kristen? 
K: Of course I missed my boys. They became my family through the years and it's weird not to see them when you get on set in the morning. But fortunately was Chris by my side. We became very closed very fast so he was the perfect replacement for my two buddy's.

C: I really thought I was lucky to like Kristen because I had an opponent I didn't like for a several times. And it's hard to play together every day and pretend you like each other. Kris is a darling, she takes her job very seriously and I like that. And even more important; she isn't a diva.

Q: Did you still think she was a darling when she slapped you in the face?
C: Haha, you heard that story? Yes, we had a scene where she had to hit me. Kristen was getting more into it and her fist was getting closer every time. And then she hit me, boom… in my face. My eye got blue and I had a swollen nose for the next few scenes.

K: I first didn't notice it because I had such a rush in my body because I hit him perfectly. But when I saw Chris on the ground because of the pain, I felt really bad and guilty.

C: She was getting in panic and screamed "Oh my God" all the time but I thought it was cool, though. I've been boxing against big boys for my entire life and then I get a knock-out by a little, tiny woman. I was lost and had to stop the scene because I was feeling dizzy. No one ever did that to me.

Q: Isn't a fairytale like Snow White a bit childish to play?
K: I wouldn't play a normal princess whom always walks around in nice dresses. I never had a connection to it when I was a child, I preferred playing with plastic soldiers. But Snow White in different, she's a fighter who always fights against her biggest enemy, the evil queen. If you want to see a sappy story has to put on the Disney movie because Snow White And The Huntsman isn't sappy at all.

C: What I like about this version of Snow White is that it is about 2 strong women and not a helpless girl that get's saved by her prince. Kristen had as many stunt scenes as I had, she's a real kick ass princess.

Q:What did you do to get ready for your role?
C: I just wrapped Thor and was pretty pumped, what wasn't what this movie needed. The huntsman is muscular but he's also a drunk man who lives in the woods, so I couldn't look very trained. That's why I started to run and boxing. And I also surf a lot. You can find me in the water when I have some free time.

K: I also didn't want to be very trained because Snow White never learned how to fight. Everything she does is impulsive so it couldn't look very fluent. I got some lessons to learn how to use a sword and keep my balance but I tried not to get too fanatic about it because I didn't want to change into Ninja Snow White.

Q: Is it true that two handsome guys are fighting for you, again, Kristen?
K: (laughs) Yes, I think it's a bit the story of my life.

C: A sort of love triangle is beginning, without the sappy. The prince and Snow White have a relationship since they are kids and they know they're meant to be together but then she meets the Huntsman and she gets feelings for him too.

K: I won't tell who she'll end up with, you need to see it when you're watching the movie.

Q: Do you have the feeling you're living in a fairytale as well? 
C: Oh yeah, absolutely. If you asked me how my dream life would have been, 10 years ago, I would explain my life now. I mean, I can choose my own parts, can work with the best actors, and I'm married to the nicest woman on earth (actress Elsa Pataky), who's also the mother of my child. Every day feels like I live in a fairytale and I'm still waiting for my moment to wake up.

 K: I don't believe in fairytales, so I don't see my life like one. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with everything I'm living through. But it's something I worked hard for and not a fairytale that is meant to happen. I think it's ridiculous to think that.

Q: But don't you feel like a princess when you're walking the red carpet?
K: Yes, of course, but I'm still playing a role, it's a part of my job. I have a lot of friends-actresses who actually like to dress up for a premiere because they have the feeling they're important when they're walking on the red carpet. I never had that and I don't see it badly. I have my princess moments in my private life, when I'm having fun with my friends.

C: I don't really like red carpets, either. It's a part of it but I feel more confident with my wetsuit, waiting for a perfect wave on sea.

Q: Aren't you scared it all will be over tomorrow?
K: Well, if I could sign for the craziness to be over, I would do it. The hysteria around Twilight made sure I couldn't live a life like I want to live it and it would be a relief if it could get a bit calmer so I could just focus on my movies. I don't know anymore how it is to run around without bodyguard. It looks like fun to me now.

C: It's not as crazy to me than with Kristen. I get recognized but those are the Thor-fans- buff men- and they aren't very hysteric, haha. But I realize well that my success can just but very short. You see actors whom are very famous at a moment and don't get any movie one year later. That's why I try to prove myself with every movie I make and to be myself or almost. The pressure of Hollywood scared me but this job also gives me an addictive adrenaline rush, what makes me want to do more.

Q: What does 'they live happily ever after' mean to you? 
K: It means to be happy with yourself! My parents always taught to me that being happy has to work without Prince Charming. My life is completed without a prince but it's nice of course to have someone who loves you and fights for you.

C: Being happy means to me continuing making beautiful movies, but especially: being surrounded by people who love you. Because that's what life is about: Love!