Flicks and Bits Interview. SWATH Promo


FlicksandBits In this new vision of the iconic fairy tale, can tell us a little bit about your incarnation of Snow White and her connection to The Huntsman through the story? 
 Kristen Stewart: We do stay very true to who she is in this story. She represents a very general, very “nice” sort of ideal – but not perfect – look at how humanity can be good and how they can care about each other. Snow White, she has an innate ability to see people for who they really are. She feels so sorry for The Huntsman at first, but she can see through his rugged exterior and he helps her….sort of not die (laughs). And they help each other, they draw each other out of this state of just frozen nothingness. Because he’s the first person she meets along the way, they kind of come alive together.

How was it for you working opposite Kristen as Snow White and Charlize as this incredibly icy Evil Queen? 
Chris Hemsworth: Kristen is so detailed in her approach. She has a real strong sense of the truth in the scene, and unless she believes it, it’s not gonna happen, you know? She’s got to find out, “What are we doing, why are we doing it?” She’s so detailed. Charlize, Charlize is intimidating as The Queen. There’s no doubt that she would scare the hell out of you if you were standing opposite her (laughs). When she’s sitting up on the throne, she has this icy, cold, evil stare that she throws at you. I wouldn’t want to fight her (laughs).

How about for you Charlize, working opposite Chris and Kristen?
Charlize Theron: It was a good group of people, and Chris is right up there. He’s like the salt of the earth, and he just has an incredible drive. He really loves what he does and understands how fortunate he is to be in the position he is. And he wants to push himself. I think all of us in this film came with that energy. Which is an amazing thing to be around, to feel like you have to be on your toes with your fellow actors at all times.

And Kristen, I’m so thoroughly impressed with her, when I think of myself back when I was her age, boy, she is really special. She’s really got a good, good head on her shoulders.

Kristen Stewart: Charlize is perfect to play the Evil Queen because she’s got this presence, and people say that about a lot of people, but she can level you in a great way, in a bad way, however she wants. Me and Chris worked together really great because he really surprises me, things just came out without having to talk about them or anything. I’m always obsessed with, “What about this? Have you thought about this?” So we really surprised each other when we can go and actually run the scene and both of our “processes” don’t matter, it’s so much fun to just go with him. Plus he’s just really funny.

From the looks of the trailers and clips, it looks like ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ takes a epic and dark approach to the classic Snow White tale….
Kristen Stewart: Yeah. You expect the animals and the forest and the things to be moving strangely and all that. But there’s just something so not fairytale-esq about it, that makes it that we’re not copying anything, we’re not imitating anything. It’s like we’re making a new fairytale. And it’s so worthy of the word. I mean, it really does take you somewhere that is otherworldly. @Vonch