Kristen and Charlize on Le Grand Journal - May 9, 2012

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Summary of the interview. Thanks Fra (from the comments). 
"It was mentioned that this Snow White is similar to Joan of Arc and Kristen confirms it is in the sense that Snow White sees the light though she doesn't know what it is, it's some sort of passion and then the Evil Queen enters the story. They talk about how in the movie there's the theme of eternal youth. After the clip, they discussed if the movie is suitable for young children and Charlize says she would bring her 12 year old son(?), the movie's good fun, adventurous, there's action, there are important themes, also close to women, like the aging thing.

A man comments the special effects are just perfect. Charlize says she wanted to explore the madness that is inside the queen and why she hates Snow White so much. At the question if another movie will follow, Kristen says yes that she hope so and Charlize is funny, she says she will come back as a dwarf. Then they laugh about some funny videos with Charlize and in the end they mention Kristen going to Cannes.

Kristen and the On the Road Cast will be back on the show LGJ on May 22 during the Cannes Film Festival.

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@eurofabulous: K will be on their show during Cannes on the 22nd
@fosterthepeople: hardest part about playing right now was making eye contact with Charlize and Kristen while trying to remember lyrics.
@GaelleLovesMax: She says she'd be scared if she had no real reason to go but she'll go with people she loves and for a good reason.
@GaelleLovesMax: Kristen will be on LGJ on May 22d live from Cannes.
@kstewartnews: Kristen says going to Cannes is very exciting.

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