'Bel Ami' VOD Update - 'On Demand' Trailer. UHQ Stills

Via RPLife 'Bel Ami' will finally be released on VOD this Friday (May 4th). All the info come from Bel Ami's VOD page on Magnolia Pictures' site.

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Watch at home. Available on May 4, 2012 On Demand ar AT and T, Brighthouse, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Insight, RCN, Time Warner, Verizon, VUDU
Also available to rent from: Amazon.com XBox
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VOD Trailer

Indiewire lists 'Bel Ami' as one of the top 10 indie movies to watch on VOD this May
Robert Pattinson takes a break from his "Twilight" duties to woo a slew of women in "Bel Ami," which had its world premiere at this year's Berlin International Film Festival. The film retells Guy de Maupassant's tale of social climbing in 19th century Paris, with Pattinson starring as a young seducer who takes advantage of some influential Parisian ladies (Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas abd Christina Ricci). The film arrives on VOD via Magnolia Pictures before opening in select theaters.

Old 'Bel Ami' stills, now in UHQs. MagnoliaPictures

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