New SWATH BTS Video - Behind the Stunts

MTV via @SWATHMovie

Examiner Steve Dent on Kristen "She’s done really well, actually. She was very nervous to start with, and she continues to be slightly nervous about it, which is good . . . It means she’s not so gung ho about it and lighthearted or anything stupid, she’s very cautious, but she’s done some lovely stuff . . . She’s very good; she listens."

MTV Special-effects supervisor Michael Dawson talks about Kristen wading through brown goop in the film.
One scene called for Stewart to wade into a bog, and Dawson said that the actress handled it like a true professional. "She was amazing. This was a cold bog that we dug and filled it with this goopy brown stuff that was really nasty," Dawson said. "She was in it, and she was acting in it. She never moaned. She never complained."