MyAnna Buring talks Kristen/TwiTrio's Fame.


Yahoo UK Twilight’s Myanna Buring: I couldn’t cope with Kristen Stewart’s fame

 Myanna Buring says there's no way she could cope with co-star Kristen Stewart's fame. Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! omg! the Swedish actress said she's a very private person and would struggle with being scrutinized like Kristen, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.
She told us: "I have never experienced fame to the extent that Kristen has and I think I would really struggle with it.
"I think it's incredibly hard to have every element of your life scrutinised to the nth degree.
"I can handle it to a certain extent but I don't think I could handle it every morning. You'd end up paranoid about everything you did. In a lot of ways I'm quite private."
The 27-year-old, who plays Tanya in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I and II, reckons Kristen, Rob and Taylor have coped with the trappings of fame better than anyone.
She added: "I can't think of three people who would've handled such a crazy experience better. They've done it so well and quite differently. They're lovely. All three of them are absolutely lovely." via kstewangel