SWATH Costume Designer Colleen Atwood explains Kristen's Snow White Transformation

MTV  To be sure, Kristen is no princess in peril in this retelling—and her costumes reflect that. “She isn’t playing a really fluffy kind of princess or anything, but she really, I think, is having fun getting to wear those kinds of things and she looks great in them,” Colleen explained of the period pieces. “I think for an actor, getting to put stuff like that on for movies is more work because it’s not in the comfort zone of a pair of jeans or sneakers. But it takes you to a different place in your mind and your body. She’s been great to collaborate with.”

And as Kristen’s character transforms into a fiercer version of herself, so does her wardrobe. “Her costume evolves as the story unfolds,” Colleen continued. “She runs away from a situation, and she’s on the run for a long time, so as she’s going, bits of it get torn away and it becomes a totally different animal by the time we get to another point in the movie. She has a couple other moments that are more ‘costume’ moments, but her basic costume—I think she wears it well, and I think it works really well in the parameters of the story.”

As for the suit of armor we’ve seen in so many set snaps, it isn’t real metal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a certain heft to it. “It’s not comfortable by any means. It probably weighs about 15 pounds. It’s half her body weight,” Colleen joked.

via kstewartnews