Rob's Interview with MeNaiset - Finland

Actor Robert Pattinson, 25, gets terrible feeling of sports.
Hanging around in suburbs, scared to dance.

I: Because of Twilight-movies you are many of girls "wild card", person who they are allowed to cheat their partners. Who you think Edward would use his "wild card" ?
R: I think Edward wouldn't even think about something like that, because he's always stressing so much about everything. He would most likely go nuts just to think cheating of Bella. I guess Edward would propably give the card to Bella, and say: "Here you go love, you can have two "wild cards".

I: You were training a lot for Breaking Dawn. Which desires did you have to abandon?
R: I did abandon beer and junk food, which gives my life a reason. I hate going to gym, but I had to went there every day for 4 in the morning and at the evening I ran 15 kilometers. It's hard to me to do anything within reason., Since that I haven't trained, because I get terrible and exhausted feeling of it.

I: You are a model and actor and you like to sing. Is there anything you are not good at?
R: It's the oppposite, I think I'm not good at in anything. I for sure cannot dance, and it makes me akward. I can easily go and say things to anyone, and I don't care. But if it's me who have to ask another people to dance... God, I think you could rather shoot me!

I: Because of Twilight you have millions of fans. Is there anything you are missing from the time before you were this famous?
R: One thing I miss is that I was able to walk around the street without being paranoid. I like to be surrounded by people but these days I'm able to hang around in empty streets in suburbs, which is kinda frustrating.
I used to live in London's Soho, but nowadays it would be impossible. There would always be crowd outside of my apartment. Even though I feel like there have been more good things happened because of Twilight, than the bad things.

I: Would you like to live forever like vampires?
R: I don't think so, but it may be that I choose my mind in my sixties. At this point I'm more interested about what happens after death. I hope it's something cool. It would be little boring to just realize you are dead, moveless and in a chest.

Thanks to Tatja for the scan and translation.
Looks like its from the Stockholm Press Con.