Rob's Interview with Berliner Kurier- Germany

Translation by adorablestew via Robsteners "Jsyk, this is a tabloid, so take it with a grain of salt!"

Berliner-kurier How do you become a father in Breaking Dawn?
Bella is practically dead only a C-section can save her baby. And I make it - while I bite my way through her iron-hard amniotic sac ...

Thank you, that’s enough. How to play such a horror scene?
I was wondering that too. For the first time in all the Twilight films I felt nervous. Especially because I was all on my own in a scene. Kristen wasn’t there. I was the midwife of a rubber dummy.

Twilight doesn’t make it easy for the young lovers. First you and Kristen do not have sex at all, then the first night results in “Rosemary’s Baby”.
(laughs) I hope we don’t keep the people from having babies.
And especially not from you. Are you looking forward to become a father?
Father, yes. Young father, no. I have no experiences with children. And there aren’t any in the circle of my friends. And I don’t even have a little brother. You should have seen me when we were filming the scenes. With two babies who weren’t older than 2, 3 weeks. I was afraid that I could break them.

Love is fragile, too. Have you ever experienced this?
(thoughtful) When you’re in love, you’re in a hopeless situation. As if you hadn’t control over your life anymore. Let’s put it that way: I could empathize quite well with this feeling of helplessness.

Tell us what you expect from the perfect love relationship.
That the partners give each other the freedom to do whatever they want. At the same time, that they support each other in everything. And protect each other.

Is gallantry inquired with Kristen?
When you don’t exaggerate it. Like me during our sex scenes. There were only a few people in the studio but I always pulled up the sheet so that she was covered till here (puts his hand like a yardstick above his nipples).

Did Kristen have inhibitions?
It was exactly the opposite. She felt quite comfortable in her bare skin. More comfortable than me at least.

But we’ll get to see you with a bare chest for the first time.
In all sequels I didn’t need to take off my shirt. So I thought “It’s the last one, so why not”.

You really have muscles.
Yes, I worked out a bit. But on the very same day when the scene was done, I quit the bodybuilder program. It was simply too boring.

What does filming sex scenes with his wife feel like?

Yes, wife. They say that you were married by a real priest onscreen.
There is some truth (smites his forehead with mock horror). And we don't even have a marriage contract. Honestly, that was quite a strange thing. The priest obviously forgot that he was in a studio and during the ceremony he didn’t address us with our names but with Robert and Kristen.

Even if this wedding vow doesn’t count, you now know at least, what’s going on at a wedding.
A husband never knows that anyway. The groom is just a prop. Whatever the bride decides will be made.

Is it clear already, who will be cooking in your marriage?
Of course, Kristen. She can do that. She already cooked for everyone during filming. And I stuffed myself.

They say that there’s been just a friendly contact between you and Kristen for a long time. Sometimes friendship and passion don’t go well together.
(laughs) If there’s a lot of passion in a friendship, then you should probably sleep together.

Could you quit your career for your personal life or would the job take priority?
A lot of people say that they sacrifice everything when they have a baby. I don’t believe that this is necessary. You can do something without neglecting other things. If you give up everything what represents you and your life, then something goes wrong. However, for me this doesn’t come into question.

What do you love about Kristen?
Her determination to be herself. That impresses me. She fights for individuality. And she takes everything that she says, very seriously. (grins) Unlike me...

Robert, the eternal teenager.
(bursts out laughing) Even this is still too old. I still feel like 12. Obviously I don’t know how to grow up.