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Access Hollywood Robert Pattinson is blaming Kristen Stewart for the wedding night scene that, before it was re-edited, nearly earned “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” an R rating.

“What were you doing?” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson asked the Brit on Thursday afternoon as he promoted the November 18-due film.

“Weird stuff… It was gross,” Robert laughed. “No one wants to see that kind of stuff.

When Shaun asked what director Bill Condon left on the cutting room floor, Robert suggested it was things done by his leading lady – K-Stew.

“It was more the noises. It was Kristen’s fault, really. I was just doing standard stuff,” Robert replied, trying not to look like the guilty party.

“I was just kind of going through the motions – breaking the headboard, I just kept breaking the headboard repeatedly,” he carried on, laughing. “Kristen was just over the top. It was just too much… Her wig [was] falling off.”

Before the bedroom scene between Robert’s Edward Cullen and Kristen’s Bella Swan-turned-Cullen, the two characters had to marry and the Brit said filming the giant nuptials was a day he’ll remember for a long time.

“It was really sweet. There was a big build [up] of excitement because there were a lot of new cast as well who came in and everyone knew it was a big deal,” Robert said. “There were all these paparazzi helicopters flying around, so everyone was kind of excited. But, it looks a lot prettier in the movie than it was in reality.”

And Robert continues to insist – even though none of his cast mates support him on the matter – that the man who married Edward and Bella on screen was the real deal.

”[He] was a real priest and Kristen’s going around saying it wasn’t a real priest,” Robert said. “It was a real priest. They were wrong, they weren’t paying attention, they were just thinking about themselves.”

While a giant, on-screen wedding can sway an actor’s feelings in real life, Robert is pretty firm on his beliefs about walking down the aisle.

“I don’t feel like marriage is that big a deal,” he told Shaun. “It just seems very simple… It’s like having a big birthday party. It’s like, if you wanna throw a really elaborate birthday party for your girlfriend, it’s kind of the same deal.”

More HQ pics of Rob under the CUT

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