New/Old Pics of Kristen - 'On The Road' Set. Excerpt from 'One and Only'


On the set of 'On The Road' Beatnik Bootcamp
ImTulip "Kristen with some of Jack Kerouac's relatives in Montreal. It's in the book One and Only. It's the story of LuAnne's life. The people in the photo are Marie Lussier-Timperley and J.A. Michael Bornais."

Kristen and Walter Salles - Beatnik Bootcamp

Kristen read OTR when she was maybe 13 or 14 and told Anne Marie, "I have the original book where I highlighted the parts of Marylou."
Anne Marie on Kristen. "She's only a girl of 20 years, but when she's researching a part,she goes all the way into it."

Anne Marie Santos "She (Kristen) cooked dinner for me and my husband, Reuben, and I learned that Kristen likes to cook, and uses cooking to relax, just like my mother did."

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